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Ways for a healthy tailgate

Hi Ladies!

Football season is here, and I have some great ways of keeping those tailgates healthy. If you are a football fan of any sort, then I know you will be heading to some great tailgates, and getting your party started, but that doesn’t mean it has to be fat filled, and calorie clogged. Football time in my house is huge, and we are celebrating non stop whether it be at our friends homes, or us entertaining our friends, and our sons friends. I have some great tips on how to keep those tailgates slim, as well as your hunger.

  • Before you head to a tailgate, make sure you have hydrated properly, because it will curb your cravings, and you will automatically eat less.
  • If you are taking a dish of some sort. make it healthy. Believe me.. there will be plenty of unhealthy items there already.
  • I know with any tailgate ( or atleast most of them), there is plenty of alcohaulic beverages around. If you are one that loves to have a cocktail, try not to ingest the sugar filled fruity cocktails, or load up on fattening beer. Try taking a lower calorie drink such as vodka & water, or even red wine. Red wine doesn’t have as much sugar than most of those fruity cocktails., and once again, drink plenty of water.
  • Some great ideas for a tailgate carry are
  • – Fruit Salad- mix a variety of fresh fruits together. Fresh fruit is always great to eat anywhere.
  • -try some great healthy hummus dips with cut up veggies. Veggies and dip are always a hit at just about every tailgate that I go to. There are a variety of wonderful dips that you can check out on www.pinterest.com, or other great recipe websites. Pinterest is always a hit with me.
  • -Stuffed mushrooms with some healthy stuffing such as quinoa is great for a tailgate have. Who doesn’t love a great stuffed mushroom?
  • -I love Guacamole with good hearty whole grain crackers. You better believe that if there is Guacamole at any tailgate, it will not last long.

Tailgating is fun, and should be  fun, but you do not have to leave each one feeling like you just ate an elephant, or crash your body into lounge mode because of ingesting bad food the whole time. I know that I do fuel well with water before every tailgate that I go to, and I tend to not eat or graze that much at what is around. It is so easy to get caught up in eating and drinking the whole time that you are there, and you will not feel great at the end of your party. Tailgates are meant to be fun, but they don’t have to be unhealthy. Pick and choose wisely when celebrating. Eating a small meal before heading to a tailgate has always worked for me too. I will eat something small, and healthy, and not be so hungry when getting there. Do you have a healthy tailgate item to share? Please send your info to mdroulos@aol.com . We would love to post it. crackers

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