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Three Fall ” must have “staples

Hi Beauties!

Fall is is right around the corner , and there are some great items I definitely need for that time of the season. It really is my favorite time of year with bonfires, football , Halloween ( which is one of my favorite holidays), and the changing of the leaves, but one thing is for sure, I Love Fall clothing. Scarves, and boots among some of my favorites. Every year you see the newest fashion items hitting the store, and this year , my must haves are : image

  • A great cape-  These seriously look so warm and comfortable, and would look great with a pair of amazing boots . These capes have been seen in just about every magazine I have opened, and I can see why. They are an amazing fashion staple for this fall season.
  • Over the knee boots- I’m sure everyone has plenty of regular fall boots, but the over -the-knee are super cute and would look great with jeans , or even a great skirt. For those of you who have shorter legs, they may not be the kind of boot you are looking for, but with the right jeans or skirt, they can look great on anybody.
  • Fringe bag- I did a post a while back on how fringe is making a comeback. I had a great fringe bag a couple years ago , and got rid of it, and now I wish I would’ve kept it. Fringe bags are a hit right now in the fashion world , and can be paired nicely with those boots and cape.


Fall is such an amazing time to add those wonderful Fall pieces that you have been wanting to wear, and so many amazing looks can be worn just by our mind set. If you see something in a magazine that you love, or how it’s being worn, you CAN put that look together right in your own closet. You do not need to go out and buy the clothes that are exactly being used, but with a little thought and creativity, you can come up with anything. image

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