Loreal 2 step polish.. A must have

Hi Beauties!

I just tried a new product, and thought I’d share it with all of you . I’m one that loves to try and tell, and thought  I’d tell a little bit about it. I’m not sure if you have tried it yet, but the Loreal 2 step nail polish, is actually very convienent , and I’ll tell you why. One of the most exhausting things about doing your nails on the spur of the moment , and not having time to get to your nail tech, is getting your polish color, and then a separate top coat. This product has both attached , so that once your done with the color, you can instantly apply the top coat. It’s very nice, and with traveling , it would be so convienent , to just stick in your bag. There are so many great colors to pick from, including vibrant bright colors to pastel and more bland colors, if your not one that loves the brightness. I love my nails natural most of the time, but every now and then , I do crave color. It makes everything more fun. If you are one that doesn’t like to go to nail techs, or just love doing your own nails, you may want to check this product out. Loreal products can be bought at any drugstore. They do make wonderful products, and this is one that I love! Check them out! What do you think? image



kiHi Beauties!

I am such a lover of green juices, and mixing my vegetables and fruits up with some added cilantro and parsley for that matter. I am a huge advocate for wheatgrass, chlorella. seaweed, and all the amazing greens out there. One item that is seriously at the top of my radar, is the super elixir, made by the amazing company www.welleco.com. This is called Super Elixir for a reason. It is very tasty and satisfying, and I am sure to buy this until the end of time. I am a huge believer in , you get what you pay for, and with this being at about 135.00, it is sure to make you feel amazing. It is completely free from dairy, gluten, and preservatives, and has tons of vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs, and enzymes. I add it to my filtered water every day, and sometimes Ill add a bit of cilantro to it . If you are wanting to buy a good green powder mix, this is definitely one to try. Some of you may not want to pay this amount, but I can assure you that it will last a while, and you are totally getting your money’s worth on this. If you are new to juicing, or feel you don’t have the time to really make your juices daily, you should invest in a good green powder that will give your body all the good active antioxidants.drink


Drink that Kombucha.. The many benefits for your Health

Hi Ladies!

Staying healthy everyday is so important as we get older, with as many things that seem to go wrong down the line of our birthdays. Staying functional, and aging well is the most important, and being able to enjoy things as we age, are the reasons why we get up everyday and move our bodies, eat organic produce, make our juices, and so forth. One great drink that I drink everyday is my Kombucha, which I will tell you the reasons to start drinking it, if you haven’t already. This drink has been found to have MANY health benefits, and has been used for over 2000 years to improve health, and fight disease. It is loaded with tons of organic acids, active enzymes that are so protective for our bodies, amino acids, and full of antioxidants. It is loaded with good bacteria, that is so vital to keep our gut in check. It is a culture of good bacteria and yeast.

The reasons to be drinking Kombucha are

  • great detoxifier- Kombucha is known to be very cleansing for the blood, and helps purify it.
  • boosts immunity- we always need to keep our immune systems in check, especially during the off seasons, and drinking this will keep our immunity up, and help prevent illness.
  • improves digestion immunity- Kombucha is loaded up with good bacteria, and active enzymes,  that it helps our digestion process stay on top of its game.
  • helps nutrient assimilation-

Kombucha has a very low glycemic level, and is non -inflammatory. It is very rich in Glucosamines, which helps preserve cartilage structure, and prevent our joints from getting to a bad place. Joint degeneration is one huge downfall as we age, and kombucha helps provide your joints with structure, and helps keep them lubricated. Kombucha drinks come in a variety of flavors, including Kombucha Green and White Tea, which is some of my favorites. The bottled Kombucha can be found in many health food stores around. You would be adding so many benefits to your health, if you add this to your daily diet. You would not believe how different you will feel just adding this .. kom)