kiHi Beauties!

I am such a lover of green juices, and mixing my vegetables and fruits up with some added cilantro and parsley for that matter. I am a huge advocate for wheatgrass, chlorella. seaweed, and all the amazing greens out there. One item that is seriously at the top of my radar, is the super elixir, made by the amazing company www.welleco.com. This is called Super Elixir for a reason. It is very tasty and satisfying, and I am sure to buy this until the end of time. I am a huge believer in , you get what you pay for, and with this being at about 135.00, it is sure to make you feel amazing. It is completely free from dairy, gluten, and preservatives, and has tons of vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs, and enzymes. I add it to my filtered water every day, and sometimes Ill add a bit of cilantro to it . If you are wanting to buy a good green powder mix, this is definitely one to try. Some of you may not want to pay this amount, but I can assure you that it will last a while, and you are totally getting your money’s worth on this. If you are new to juicing, or feel you don’t have the time to really make your juices daily, you should invest in a good green powder that will give your body all the good active antioxidants.drink

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