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Farmers Market Bliss… Time to hit up your local market

Hi Beauties!

I love that time of year when my local farmers markets are going on, and I can go pick out some of my favorite fruits and vegetables, and shop for some wonderful pies and baked goods. There are so many great reasons you should hit up your local markets, including that your helping out in such a huge way. I’ve been to quite a few farmers markets over the years, including my absolute favorite San Francisco. I seriously still dream about that market. Seattle has another amazing market, with their fresh fish out daily.

This time of year , where there is an abundance of produce, really helps bring our health back to life. Their are so many amazing recipes that incorporate huge tomatoes, beautiful squash, and my all time favorite eggplant. The fruits, gorgeous in color,  can be added to any great summer salad, and is sure to be quite delicious. Any of the great vegetables, can be added into a healthy pizza. My all time favorite pizza , is the Margarita Pizza, which I make a lot during this crazy , and busy time. I add the tomatoes, a little olive oil, and basil to it, topped with a bit of mozzarella cheese, and its one of my family’s favorite. Squash , which is one of my favorite vegetables, can be grilled, and added to a little shrimp, and red peppers, and you have yourself a great stir fry. Eggplant parmesan is one of my weekend favorites, that I usually save for a Sunday evening when my kids are home, and its not hectic. You can also pick up some gorgeous flowers while your at it.

FMTake the time to walk through your own neighborhood  farmers market, and help those farmers out , and give back a little. You can find so many dishes to incorporate into your family’s schedule, and I’m sure they will love some new delicious dishes to try, with added health benefits.

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