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Hair 101.. Keep it healthy!!

Hi Beauties!

I’ve had so many emails asking me about hair, and how to keep it healthy , and I figured I would dedicate a post just to hair care. Everyone wants healthy hair, and with so many products out there, using too many can wreak havoc on your hair, and can cause too much build up. Here are some of my questions that I had sent to me , and I’m just going to answer them..

  • is sleeping in wet hair bad? Sarah H. – I’ve heard people recommend letting your hair air dry, but air drying can be more harmful because it swells the hair strands. This can really weaken your hair, so I advise blow drying .
  • Can you use too much product on your hair? Ava L.- in my opinion.. Yes you can.. I’d advise using a riot pump, and then a little hair spray, and then maybe a gloss for shine. Too much product can make your hair look worse.
  • should I shampoo every day? Laura W. – no! You do not shampoo every day. Shampooing everyday can strip natural oils out of your hair, and dry it out. Making sure you use shampoos without para end is vital . Those pesky preservatives aren’t good for your hair or skin. Throw them out. Use an all natural alternative. Your hair will look so much more healthy and vibrant.
  • Are hair masks good to use? Misty F. – yes in my opinion I think you should use one a week. It really adds nutrients to your hair, and gives it sheen . I’d advise a great mask by a prominent brand, so you know your getting your money’s worth. A lot of those masks can be made with horrible fillers.

Hair is a necessity , and having gorgeous strands are up to you and how you take care of it. I’ve said this before.. There is nothing more unattractive then a girl who has used too much bleach on her hair that it hardly moves. Hair is meant to move. Stay away from chemicals, and treat your hair like you would your skin. You will be in good shape. image


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