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Hydration is key! Importance for your body

Hi Ladies!

We all know how important it is to fuel our body with the right nutrients and vitamins, and how important it is to maintain hydrated throughout the day. I can’t say enough things about why it’s important to drink plenty of water daily. Water has so much to do with how your body feels, and can really make a huge difference in not just the way we feel, but how our skin looks.  We depend on water to stay alive. With all the cells, tissues and organs in our body, we use water to keep toxins flushed out, and we use body to keep a good body PH. It is essential for good health. Some key components of water.

  • water makes up more than half of our body weight. Isn’t that crazy? When we go for a run, or a workout each day, we lose that water through sweating, bathroom breaks, and when it’s humid, our body uses up that water quicker. If you do not drink enough water throughout these processes, we will automatically become dehydrated.
  • What does dehydration feel like? Well we would feel a dry mouth, basically like you have sand in it. ( not a good feeling.) we would have very little urine, or it’s darker than usual. We can often feel light headed , or dizzy when doing something or even just sitting.
  • Headaches are huge when dehydrated. It’s apparent that if a headache comes on suddenly, you may want to look at your water intake .

If if you have certain medical conditions, or outside during very hot weather, and you know you will be exercising, make sure you take plenty of water. Hydration is very critical when outside in extreme heat.

You should be drinking 6-8 8 oz. glasses of water daily. This can differ between people. Some people need more, and others can have a little less and be fine. If you are not a water drinker, try adding fruit to your water. It does give it a fruity taste, and try drinking herbal teas also. They have some delicious teas out that can be chilled, and drank cold.

  • try to keep water with you all day long. Carry a bottle in your car.
  • Make sure to get adequate water, you drink before, during , and after your workout.
  • If you go out to a restaurant , try drinking water instead of coke, or anything else unhealthy.

Hydration on is important for our body, mind, and spirit. It should be a daily ritual for a healthy body. image

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