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Mac is the Goddess ..

Happy Saturday ! image

I have to rave about this gorgeous color by Mac Cosmetics. I absolutely love Mac products , which are among some of my favorites. This color is equisite and it actually is one of the prettiest colors Mac has in my opinion. It’s a mixup between purple and fuscia , and it’s hard to find colors in that mix that do not look to goth. This is the perfect fall lip color. If you feel it may not look good with your skin tone, you can go into any Mac store , and try the color out before buying. A lot with how well a lip color looks good on you, is the other makeup you apply with it. With this certain lip color, going with a lighter creme eyeshadow would help this lip color pop. One thing that really makes a face look overdone , is using too much of one product. For example, going heavy on foundation, or giving your eyelashes too many coats of mascara. Yes, mascara can open up your eyes, and make them look brighter, but too much can give you the Tammy Baker look, which is not attractive. When going with a darker lip color, try to go with a lighter eye shadow. That will make your lips pop, and will add so much more to your look. Mac is where it’s at with lip color. Try this gorgeous color out. It will not disappoint. image

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