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Hi Ladies!

I can’t tell you enough how much I love shoes, and with as many pairs as I own, I would think that at some point , I’d say to myself, ” enough is enough, but of course with the Fall moving in towards us, I’m loving all the amazing boots coming out for Fall 2015 Collections by amazing designers. I have to rave about one of my all -time favorite shoe designers ever, and that’s Sam Edelman. I can’t get enough of his shoes. If you have ever looked through his shoe collection, you will find an array of classy, conservative , and eclectic all in one, and not only that, they come in the most gorgeous colors ever. His shoe line for summer was phenomenal, as he had heels with a variety of colors on one shoe, which in turn goes perfect with that black or white dress for the summer. His prices aren’t cheap, but yet not over the top, and his shoes are versatile in every way. I’ve not yet come across a pair of his shoes that I didn’t like. I recently bought these Anastacia heels , and I’m loving them. The one thing that I also love about Sam Edelman is you can find his shoe boxes in just about every amazing department store including my favorites Www.nordstrom.com, and Www.lordandtaylor.com. What do you think? These will look adorable with some great rugged jeans! Do you have a great pair of shoes? Share them with us! image

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