Ways to a No-makeup look

Hi ladies!

Are there days when you wake up and just do not feel like wearing makeup , or just having a makeup free day? Well there are ways around having a gorgeous – no- makeup look. It takes just a few great products and your good to go. Every one of us has had those days ( especially in the winter) where you want one of those ” days off, and we all deserve it. Some items you will need are

  • concealer
  • light ( pale pink ) blush
  • sunscreen
  • moisturizer
  • mascara
  • nude lip gloss

Make sure you wake up with a freshly washed face. Take a few finger tips and apply your moisturizer. This will give your face a dewy glow. Once that is applied , take your finger tips and apply a good sunscreen. You always need sunscreen. Take a bit of concealer, and apply a bit to a sponge and put under eyes and blend well. This will take away any dark circles . Once everything is blended well, take a blush brush and apply a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks. Take your mascara and only apply one coat to your eyelashes. You do not want to overload your lashes with too much mascara. ( remember your going after the all natural look. Last, apply a cost of nude lip gloss to your lips. This will top of the look of the no- makeup look. Everyone can feel beautiful without all the makeup you wear normally on a daily basis. It’s just how certain products are applied, and it will give your complexion a great glow. Whether you just got done with a workout, or running errands and do not feel like getting all done up, it only takes a few products to give your skin a little color, and give you the flushed look. If you are going after the no -makeup look, remember that you DO NOT need foundation of any kind. That’s the mistake women make when going after the no-makeup look. They feel they still need foundation. With concealer and blush, foundation is not needed. Go for the au natural. image


Rock that charcoal

Beauties! image

The fall is coming and there is no better time than to turn up that fall makeup look with gorgeous charcoal eyes. My eyes are hazel, but the darker colors on my eyes , make my eyes look deep brown, and adds so much to my eyes. Charcoal colors are everywhere, and can be turned up to the deepest colors on darker eyes, and charcoal also looks hot on lighter eyes. It’s really most what you are comfortable with. Many women I talk to say that wearing deeper colors makes them feel as if they have too much makeup on , or they have the rough look, but honestly when I see someone wearing the charcoal look, i think it looks amazing if applied right. I’m not saying I haven’t seen women trying to wear it, and they just can’t pull it off, but if you apply it the correct way, it can look phenomenal. The pallets out this fall are making me crazy , because everytime I go buy one, two weeks later I’m wanting another, because I can’t get enough of the gorgeous colors. I just can’t seem to understand women that do not like to play with makeup. We live once, so turn up the look and feel amazing. That’s what we’re here for right? I feel applying a dark liner on top of a charcoal color is too much in my opinion( at least on me anyway). Not that Priscilla Presley wasn’t gorgeous with that look, but I try to go for a more natural look.  The naked palette is awesome in the charcoal colors, and so is the Laura Mercier pallets. I’m loving the edgy looks right now in clothing, and topped with an edgy eye , you will top that look right off the right way. Makeup can be fun, but yet overwhelming, and I feel just playing around with new looks or new colors is the way to go. I love self evolving in fashion as well as beauty. It’s trying things to see what you like, or brands that you like. You will not know if you like a certain look until you try. One look you see somewhere , may look good on one person, but may not do it for the other, so it’s about taking the time and experimenting . Believe me, it can be fun. image


Derek Lam and Athleta Collaboration

Hi Beauties!

Athleta is one of the most comfortable fitness brands around that carry a variety of workout clothes including jackets, running capris, and tanks. They offer such an array of clothing, that some pieces can be used not so much for fitness, but also accents to add to a fall wardrobe. Athleta  just got so much more exciting. The end of September will mark the collaboration with the amazing Derek Lam. His pieces for Athleta will include lifestyle pieces that can be worn everyday to amazing active wear. The two coming together will add so much to the Athleta line series. The line will include cashmere sweaters, oversized, with butt- covering fits. The workout bras will include seamless fabric , along with the comfortability during your workouts. The performace leggings which I am so excited about will be flattering to your body due to the way the seams are built in. The pieces will be designed and offered at lower price points, compared with his other designer pieces that at a more expensive rate. Derek Lam’s vision for workout performance pieces will add so much style and class to your workout outfits. Its truly exciting to see amazing designers such as Lam teaming up with a true performance brand such as Athleta. Collaborations are always so exciting, because you never know what will be in store that you absolutely love or will find that works with your lifestyle or performance wardrobe. Check it out at www.athleta.comFullSizeRender (8)