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All Strings Attached.. The newest in fashion

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Fashion is so fun isn’t it? You basically can buy one item , and pretty much throw whatever you like with it to make it look amazing. One fashion trend I am loving right now.. Yes I said trend) is the criss cross string detail design you are seeing in just about everything from dresses to shirts to even bathing suits. it gives each style of clothing a classic look without going over the top. Yes some items can be a little gaudy looking, but if you find the right brand, throw that item with a great pair of shoes and you are good to go. I know summer is winding down on us, but if you like the style in bathing suits, now is probably the time to find one. Make sure if you do find a dress or shirt with criss cross detail that you do not go overboard on the jewelry. I think if a fashion piece has a lot of detail on it, then overdoing accessories is a fine line . It can make the outfit or piece look over done. Check out these amazing criss cross detail items. do you have one you want to share? Email Fit and Bliss! FullSizeRender (20)

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