Flash Flare.. Perfect jewelry from H& M

Hi Ladies!

Everyone of us has a certain style when it comes to jewelry. I know women who hardly where any except delicate gold pieces, and I have friends who where gorgeous bauble necklaces paired with a ton of wrist bling. Its whatever makes you feel good right? Exactly. Well I’m a little bit of both, with not putting a lot of emphasis on earrings. Ill wear earrings, but if they are on the larger side, Ill skip out on that necklace or bracelet. You will rarely see me with myself loaded up with jewelry. I myself love delicate gold jewelry. Its classy and elegant and can add just about any charm to any outfit. H&M has jewelry that is perfect for those nights out, and with that perfect black dress. You will find that if you are a H&M lover, you will find different pieces at different stores. You will find a bigger jewelry selection in bigger cities. Anna Dello Russo has started a lovely line of her pieces at H&M, and they are gorgeous. They include charms from vibrant colored necklaces, snake bracelets that basically slither around your wrist, drop earrings with gorgeous stones. If you have a certain color of shirt, or dress and you are looking for the perfect necklace or even ring, H&M never disappoints.

You will find a bigger jewelry selection in bigger cities.

I usually get on their app about once a week to find the newest colloborations that have come out, or go hit up the Chicago based store which is my all time favorite . They have a lot more to pick from, and you will always walk out with more than you hoped for. Check out my newest necklace that I recently picked up. this necklace comes in the colors black, gray, and coral . FullSizeRender (25)


Health Benefits of the Cayenne Pepper

FullSizeRender (23)Hi Ladies!

Cayenne peppers have been in the health news recently with all of the health benefits that they give you. You can find this pepper in anything from your favorite dishes, to smoothies, to adding a bit to your smoothies. A little bit of this pepper goes a long way. I want to share with you the health benefits of this beautiful red pepper , and why it should be added to your daily diet.

  • Cayenne Increases Metabolism- The consumption of this pepper helps speed the metabolism with the high amount of Capsacin in it.  Your circulation is increased and helps on oxygen delivery.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure- This pepper dilates the blood vessels, in return lowers your blood pressure.
  • IT helps with the cold and flu- This acts as a huge detoxifier , and helps strengthens the immune system, which in turn keeps you from contacting those nasty viruses.
  • It helps to prevent cancer- the detoxifying effect has a lot to do with this, and in return helps fight off those free radicals , that promote cancer growth. ( even more reason to eat your cayennes)
  • Helps heal ulcers- I know many of friends that suffer from ulcers, and ulcers can have a huge impact on your daily life ( suffering with pain on a daily basis) .Cayenne peppers are known to help them heal. IT is so vital to add this daily, or even weekly to your diet. If you are making a green juice for the morning, or just to have through the day, try adding a bit of this to it. Honestly , when I add cayenne pepper to my juices, it gives it a great taste, and a bit of a twist, and it adds so much protection to your organs, and keeping them healthy.

There are so many health benefits from cayenne peppers. You will be doing your body a world of good.