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8 great Tips for writing Great blog Posts

Hi Ladies!

I have recently received numerous emails asking me how I come up with my Blog content, and how I write such a creative blog. Well, I’m not going to say that its that creative, but I do try to add my own twist to my blog content. Blogging is fun, and has to be fun for you to do it every day, but the blog content comes from my love for fashion, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to give you my 8 Tips for making your blog successful, and when I say this: IT TAKES TIME, I truly mean it. I have had my blog for almost two years, and it takes hard work, discipline, creativity, patience, long hours, and time to make it become successful. There are over 3 million active blogs right now, and its up to you ,to create a unique eye- catching blog with amazing content.

  • Look to add great titles that catch the eye. Believe me when I say this, adding a cute flirty title doesn’t always work. You need to add in your top key words for what you are actually writing your content on, so that google will notice that. Make sure you use your keywords in the first paragraph, and last. Google loves it.
  • Get into the Social Media world. Add in your like buttons, and your sharing buttons to all the top social media sites such as Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. There are others such as Reddit, Tumblr, ect. Make sure you have all those widgets on there. People need to find your brand or name everywhere.
  • Make sure you are using hyper-links. If you are writing a blog post on an amazing lip color that you bought at Sephora, then give Sephora credit for that. If someone decides they would like to purchase that from your blog, all the credit comes back to you from that particular place.
  • Always make sure that you have relevant blog content. When you decide to write a post, make sure your readers are getting something from it. Google likes for you to have content that is easy to find. This comes back to using your keywords. Whether your readers are wanting that perfect outfit look, or wanting to find that perfect lipstick, or needing to know where to find it, Make sure you give them that information.
  • Your blogging platform needs to be creative. Add in videos, or certain plug-ins to make your blog more creative, and your content relevant. Keep your platform up to date with the newest features, and new versions that need to be downloaded.
  • Use perfect revision and editing. -Always make sure before you do a post, that your images are optimized, and your posts are proof-read to the highest distinction. It takes a good hour ( sometimes more), to go through your photos, to stage your photos to give them the best look, and editing takes just as long.
  • Set yourself apart from everyone else. Do you know the reason why I love my favorite blogs? Its because they are so creative on their own, and have their own brand. They know how they want to be seen, and their content brings me back for more. Always be creative.
  • Always make sure you format your blog post correctly, and always keep your blog posts fresh. Don’t ever write about bad things, and always come up with unique blog posts. People are always looking for new things to read about. People like seeing a point of view in blog posts, and keeping your ideas and information fresh is always the best bet. Don’t write about something that you wrote about four months ago.

There are my 8 great tips for having great Blog Posts. Remember that blogging takes time, and doesn’t happen over night. You need to enjoy what you do, and don’t expect anything in return. Good things will come.

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