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Becoming by Cindy Crawford.. Revelation of real Beauty

Hi Ladies! 

I have mentioned before that if I try something out, I have to spread the word. I feel that is the reason that people learn new things, try new things, and so forth. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved Cindy Crawford, ( yes the gorgeous woman who us about to turn 50, and in retrospect, doesn’t look a day over 35. ) since I was a 14 year old girl. Growing up I really thought she was the most gorgeous Supermodel out of that whole iconic 90’s clan, and I still do today, but I think it’s because she’s such a role model in many different ways. She’s just as intelligent as beautiful, and has really done amazing things with broadening her brand . It’s not only the amazing mole , that has made her famous. I recently ordered her book Becoming, and have loved every single part of it. She enlists her beauty secrets, and has put the most gorgeous photography in there, that marks her 50 years. The gorgeous photos photographed by Herb Ritts, and it shows a woman that has grown in so many ways both as a model, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I think this book gives the glimpse that no Matter what we are doing at this time in our life, anything is possible, and we can branch out in the many ways that make us happy. It’s about development and growth , and we don’t stop trying the things we love because of a birth certificate, or the worlds way of thinking their is an expiration date on what we want to try! It’s really a magnificent book, and if you have the chance to see it, you should.  


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