Moto Jackets.. Give your Fall wardrobe an edgy look

Hi Ladies!FullSizeRender (32)

The great weather for fall fashion is quickly approaching, and one item I am loving this fall is the Moto jackets. I am really trying to find the perfect one for fall, and this is a great way to add that edgy feel to any look. These jackets can be worn with a great skirt, and heels, also with a great pair of rugged denim jeans, and a nice pair of boots. I’m even seeing them worn with a great pair of dress slacks, and stilettos. You can pull any look you want off with these great jackets, and they are the perfect staple for any wardrobe. My personal favorite is the jacket worn with a great white tshirt, and rugged jeans, and short booties. H&M sells cute moto jackets, as well as more luxury department stores such as burberry, and Tory Burch. It’s all about the look you are going after, and how much you want to spend. Have a great moto jacket you want to share/ Send it to Fit and Bliss!FullSizeRender (34)


A messy bun can be beautiful.. Ways to achieve it

Hi Ladies!

We all have those days ( at least I do) where you are running short on time, and you really don’t feel like doing your hair at all, because you know you will be running errands all day, or you just are in one of those comfortable moods where putting your hair up is all you feel like doing. Personally , I get sick of the ponytail look, so putting your hair up in a messy bun is as easy as it looks, and can look good. I do this a lot, especially on those crammed mornings.

  • Make sure your hair is washed and clean, and dry. If you washed it the night before, that’s totally fine, as long as its dry. Your bun will not stay up when its wet, and will not have a full look to it.
  • Take a very good volume spray, and spray from the crown to the ends. Then take a flat comb and start combing back the hair at the root of the crown. This is basically called “ratting”. This will give your crown some volume. Comb towards the scalp.
  • Once this is done. brush all of your hair, and make sure that’s its brushed good, and once I brush mine, I always apply a glaze to it. This gives your hair a bit of shine once its up in the messy bun. Take all of your hair and sweep it up, and apply a rubber band to it , like you are putting it in a pony tail. Make sure you use good rubber bands that will not break your hair strands. Pull only half of your pony tail through then wrap the hair band around, then pull it half way through again, and apply the rubber band. Your bun will be a bit messy at this point, which is what we want right?
  • Once you have your messy bun done, you can add a few bobby pins to the sides to keep it up, or any strays that may let loose.
  • You can pull any hair out that you want left down by the ears. Once you have done that, you can spray the bun with some light hairspray, and you are good to go. Do not use Extra hold hairspray on your hair. This will give your hair a matted look, and that look is not a good look.

Some people actually curl the hair that is left out of the bun. That is also an option. This will give your bun a cleaner look. Everyday doesn’t have to be a perfect hair day, and in my opinion, you do this bun right, it does look perfect. FullSizeRender (30)