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Blend Smart.. The ultimate brush


I have to share with you one of my great finds that I actually ordered after hearing about it at the makeup workshop I attended recently. The rave on this brush was so remarkable, that I had to find out for myself. I ordered mine from Www.lilumia.com, and it retails for $60. A lot of times when you do your makeup, switching your makeup blenders gets a bit overwhelming, because you don’t want to use the same blender for your makeup& and your concealer. This has really helped with that problem. This brush you can use for your makeup , and save your makeup beauty blender sponges for your concealer. The work gets a whole lot easier with this brush. It’s the first ever automatic makeup brush that works with any type of foundation that you choose, whether it’s liquid, cream, or even powder. This is a great tool that works on makeup, like the other devices such as clarisonic works on cleansing. It’s very innovative for the makeup business, and I particularly love the way it applies your makeup. You put a small amount of your makeup on the brush , and it blends everything for you, getting the most clean cut look in your makeup. It doesn’t cause streaking, and gives you a full coverage look. It doesn’t make your foundation clump, and the blending really gives your makeup a flawless look. Some people may not want to spend the money on this device, but I can say that it is totally worth it. It has a rotating direction, to give the best blend in your makeup.  



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