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Exploring All of Your Skin Tightening Choices

There are a few things more upsetting and annoying than having loose, sagging skin. If you’re like most people with that problem, than I’m sure you want to find a solution right away, but its best not to be hasty. It’s important to explore all options before you jump into any treatment, and knowing any particular health risks is also important.

Trying Less Invasive Sound Wave Procedures

Some of the easiest treatments for sagging skin are sound wave procedures , which include radio frequency (RF) treatments, as well as ultrasound therapies. Both of these options have almost no side effects, and neither one of them require a lot of care or recovery time after the fact. All you have to do is show up, sit in the treatment chair, and your technician will use a special device to treat your skin all over with ultrasound or RF waves. The idea is that those frequency waves will cause your skin cells to make more of their own natural , healthy hormones that promote gorgeous, healthy skin health.

The biggest difference between RF and ultrasound treatments is that RF waves are generally used to treat minor skin issues, that are not so invasive , and are close to the top layer of the skin. Ultrasound is the way to go if you are looking for a therapy that will penetrate deeper into the lower layers.

Laser Procedures are Mid-Level Treatments

Maybe your thinking right now that sound wave treatments aren’t strong enough to treat your specific problem. The next step in treatment options would have to be a laser treatment done. Medical laser equipment can treat a lot of different skin issues, but its especially great for treating that sagging skin and wrinkles that accumulate as we age. Like sound wave treatments, laser treatments can make your body’s cells kick into a healthy production mode, and will do so in a faster , more precise way. You will probably need multiple treatments, and the one downfall you might experience is a mire setback like temporary skin redness.

There are many types of lasers. If you decide that laser treatments are the way to go, you will need to figure out which type will get the job done. Everyone has different skin types, so it will all vary depending on what type of skin you have, and how severe your problem is. You need to consult with your dermatologist or physician to let them help you with that choice.

Chemical Peels and Related Procedures are the Next Step

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels are other great procedures for getting that sagging skin to tighten up. The microdermabrasion process involves sanding and scraping away the outer layer of the skin, and in return reveals a healthier look that is tighter and younger. Chemical peels, on the other hand, do the same thing ,but they use different technology. Both of theses methods can also remove any pimples or blemishes that you may have.

As you can see, there are an array of options available to you besides going under the knife, and getting a facelift. Getting a facelift is a major surgery, that can come along with a lot od side effects. Although you may think that a facelift is your best choice, you shouldn’t assume that until you look at all the other non invasive options available to you. Discuss all these options with your skincare professional before deciding on anything. Going under the knife can have a huge impact on your life, so make sure you go over all your options first.

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