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Need Some Momentum? You can find it here.

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Happy Hump Day!

We all need some momentum now and then, because that is what keeps us going right? I found the cutest, most amazing athletic- inspired jewelry line, that keeps us moving, and to inspire us not to give up, and go that extra mile. This gorgeous line motivates you throughout your day, no matter what you are doing, or trying to accomplish. This jewelry line is comfortable, washable, and light weight. Each separate piece of Momentum blends fashion with a purpose or motivational saying that you love of your choice to keep you moving, physically and mentally.

What makes this line so amazing, is that it is YOU ,creating it. You can personalize it for your individual encouragement. If  you have some great motivational words that you live by, and would like to see it on that great piece of jewelry , Momentum is for you. The great part about Momentum, is that 5% of its profits are donated to the National non-profit Action for Healthy Kids. This particular organization works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity by teaching kids to live healthy, active lives. Isn’t that wonderful?

Momentum’s line includes everything from wrap bracelets, food notes, suede cuffs, necklaces, headbands, earrings ect. These are all intended for active use. These pieces are all non-tarnishing as well. Each piece is at an amazing price at $10-$28 a piece. Grab some Momentum today and order that gorgeous piece. You can check Momentum out at www.designsthatmoveyou.com. Check some of these gorgeous pieces out.



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