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New Urban Decay Vault.. Hmmm yes! 

Hi Ladies!  

 You have seen how much the urban decay palettes have really been in the beauty news, and not only that, but their products are amazing. They , in my opinion, have the best eye primers, and lipsticks. Above all, they have some of the best eye pallets, and I have to say , the new Urban decay vault is out of this world.

The limited edition vault was launched yesterday on urban decays website, and will most likely not last long with the holidays around the corner. This is a gorgeous gift to anyone for the holidays, and includes just about every urban decay pallet you can think of. 

It includes the naked smokey, naked 2, naked 3, mini pallets, and the naked basic. These palettes will give your eyes any look you want to try, and is perfect for any eye color. The vault does cost around $165, but if you break down what each palette cost individually, you are saving yourself big. If this is something you love and want, you may want to stock up now, or find yourself overpaying down the road on other websites. This is the ultimate beauty luxury by urban decay. All the prized possessions in one . Grab it today! 


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