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Sensitive skin? Be gentle

La solution 10 De chanel

La solution 10 De chanel

Hi ladies !

Sensitive skin is on the rise, and I’m not the only one with it. From day One, Ive had to watch what I put on my face, and have spent numerous amounts of money trying to find the perfect skin care. One thing with sensitive skin is, you DO NOT want to over cleanse. Over cleansing will just wreak havoc on your skin. With the cold months here, its best to find the perfect non invasive skin care that isn’t too harsh on your skin. Over 51% of American women describe their skin as sensitive, which I feel includes everything from redness, itchiness, inflamed skin, breakouts, and more. I can bet that almost every woman or close has been allergic to certain brands, whether its the ingredients or the chemistry in which their skin is made up. Their is recent research that has been done that suggests that strengthening the top layer of your skin , can help any ingredients soak into the skin better, and therefore can prevent some sensitivity.

One component of sensitivity is inflammation of the skin. There are many things that can cause this besides certain ingredients. It can be pollution, stress, over exposure of the sun. There are many factors. You want to support your skins natural defense system, and that means finding a skin care routine that works. You should check out any gentle skin care regimens, and one thing you do not want to do is over exfoliate. This is a huge no-no, and can really make your skin overly tight, and almost a feeling of itchiness. Make sure any exfoliant you use, you read the directions first. Don’t pick one that aggravates the skin. Make sure you get one that is for sensitive skin. Do not over cleanse your face. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser, and do not use harsh scrubbing. This will once again irritate the skin, and make the redness worst, among all else. You want to nurture the skin’s PH, and help prevent cracking, and dryness, Make sure any makeup you use through the day is intended on your skin type. If you are one that heads to your local facialist monthly, make sure you know what kind of products she is using. A lot of products that are used in certain facials, depending on where you go, can be too harsh for your skin type, or they may use a brand that has maybe broken you out before. Make sure you know all products that are being used.

Some great products that are nice for sensitive skin are La solution 10 de chanel, which is great for dryness. This will add a bit of moisture back into your skin. Another great item is Laroche-posay cicaplast.

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