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Like contouring? Try Too-Faced

Hi ladies!  

 I absolutely love all the contouring kits out today. Today in the makeup world, it seems contouring is everywhere, and just using a little highlight here and there can really alter your face structure. I picked up the Too faced cocoa contour because it was used at the recent makeup workshop I attended recently. I do love Anastasia contour kit, as it includes many different colors that you can include in your highlighting. From celebrities to any star you see on tv these days, beauty bloggers included, contouring is bigger than it had ever been, and as a beauty blogger myself, it’s my job to try it and tell about it. This universal kit also includes a Buki brush, which you can use that to perfect your contouring with. It’s very important to understand that contouring is an art. There is no doubt about it. It’s very important to know, that to get that perfect look, it will take you a bit of time to ace the way you like it. You can look up you tube videos, and some of my favorite makeup artist include the gorgeous Hrush Achemyan. You can find her on you tube and on Instagram at Styledbyhrush. She’s literally amazing, and better yet , she is self taught. I love watching her videos. This contour kit will give you the right definition and perfection that you are trying to aquire. I’m sure of it.  


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