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Tips to get that healthy glow

Hi ladies! 

I’m sure you’ve all had those days , especially in the winter, where you just don’t feel like your skin looks that great, and it can tend to feel dry and have a lack of moisture in it. There are some great tips on giving your skin a healthy glow when your in a rush or feel as if you are having one of those days. 

– don’t wear anything that is matte finish. Matte finish can really make you look washed out, or your wearing too much makeup. It even make you look a lot older. That matte power will settle in your wrinkles a lot worse. 

– apply some concealer around the red areas on your face. This will conceal the redness, and give your face a more even out color. 

– do not use powders. Powders are the worst thing on dry skin. Even if it’s not dry, you can give your skin a dried out look with powder. If you are one to use powders, use only in the T zone, lightly. 

– dab some peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, or the newly peach highlighters you see in Sephora. They are wonderful and will instantly give your skin a sheen look to your skin. It gives your skin that flushed look. 

– try to mix a little facial oil with your foundation, and it will give your skin a more dewy finish. Don’t overdue the facial oil, only a few drops. 

Try misting at the end of your makeup session with some great facial mist such as the Evian spray. These tips will give your skin an extra boost in these winters cold monthes.  


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