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Happy Saturday Ladies! 

The makeup shop I attended recently spent a lot if time talking about ways to get that dewy look on your skin through the winter months as well as all year long. I recently did a post on ways to get that glow, but there are certainly great products out there that can give you a shimmer highlight on the areas that are accented most , such as the cheeks and forehead. The big products in the beauty world these days are highlighters. I have used some great ones such as Becca , and I recently tried the wonderful ones from benefit. 

I have to say that benefit sells some amazing products, but one of their great products is the highlighters. I use the Posie tint a lot, and it gives you the reflection of a dewy look, In the right amount of light. It also gives your cheeks color, without using blush and highlighter both. The highlighter is just enough when used the right way. One thing you do not want to do is apply to much , because it can look a bit crazy. When applying , make sure you use a makeup blender that is wet to blend it in perfectly to your foundation if you are wearing some. This is also great on days when you feel like going makeup free. Apply a bit of highlighter to your cheeks , and your good to go.  


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