Feature Spotlight: Heather Gurney

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I want to welcome the amazing Heather Gurney to the Fit and Bliss Guest page this week. This lady is phenomenal, and such a great inspiration for those moms out there, who feel they cant balance it all.  She is just another example of being able to conquer your goals, and also maintain being the best mom, and raising a family. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful.

She is a wife, mother, and fitness trainer living in sunny Florida. She became interested in fitness in her late teens to early 20’s. She began competitive running, and has an extensive background in pageantry competition. She’s a gal that loves the process of getting ready for a competition.

Just recently, she was honored to win first place in Laura London’s Fit and Fabulous Mom contest ( a contest celebrating moms who are doing it all, while raising a family, and staying fit.

Her daily diet consist of small portions of healthy proteins, carbs & fats through out the day. She is a busy mom of two, so she does like to be quick and efficient at the gym as much as possible.

You can usually find Heather in a Spin class, weight training, or getting a HITT workout in. ( High Intensity Interval Training). She finds these types of workouts are effective and they produce the results. She trains herself, and training is her favorite aspect of getting ready for a competition. She does spend a little extra time building up her legs and glutes, as she is naturally thinner in those areas.

Her Motto: I don’t believe in a quick fix! No matter what it is in life… It takes Work, Time, and Effort.

Heather says to do something toward your goal everyday. She surrounds herself around like-minded women who inspire her to do her best. Visit her Facebook page at Heather shea Fb page.

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Tips to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

I hope you all enjoyed the days with your family and friends and counted all your blessings.

I wanted to share with you some great tips for avoiding Holiday weight gain. One thing I’m NOT going to do is tell you not to enjoy your favorite food at this blessed time. I’m the first one to admit, that one of the amazing things about thanksgiving is eating, drinking and celebrating. Life is too short not to enjoy those wonderful things. There are ways to enjoy without gaining that extra weight during these celebratory months.  

 – If you have a holiday party coming up, always try to eat a healthy snack before attending. This will cut your snacking and eating less once you arrive and the goodies are passed around. 

– Drink lots of water before your get together. You will not believe how much less you will eat, after hydrating well. You will feel so much more full. 

-limit your alcohol intake. I’ve said this so many times before. Too much alcohol will put weight on. Try to limit yourself to two drinks, or try to drink sparkling water with a bit of cranberry juice. I know it can be quite tempting, but simply making these changes can make a huge difference. 

-add in more exercise during the holiday season. If you know you are going to eat a huge meal during the day, try to get out and head to the gym or go for a run before you head to your gathering. The littlest things make the biggest differences. If you are out holiday shopping, always park out so you can do more walking. It always feels great to get a good workout in.  

 – try making your own veggie tray to take to your gathering, and snack on veggies before the meal is served. This will cut down on the calorie intake. 

I know that the holiday season can be hard with finding the time to just take a daily walk , or head to the gym, but in the long run, you will be glad you did it. 


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Fit and Bliss  


The health benefits of Basil

Happy Tuesday!  

 Did you all know that Basil is considered one of the best superfoods you can eat . The health benefits of this food solely out weighs many other superfoods because of the flavonoids in it that reacts high at the cellular level. This herb , also known as St. Joseph’s Wort, is a member of the mint family. It has become such a popular food, being included in many health juices, and also being a popular topping in many recipes. Basil has been shown to stop bacterial growth, and Shown to inhibit many types of pathogenic bacteria.

Basil has many anti -inflammatory effects, and with Basil having so much Vitamin A, it qualifies as being a huge factor in helping with Cardiovascular health. Free radical damage is the big culprit in many health conditions, including arthritis and asthma, and the beta-carotene found in basil helps lessen the progression of many ailments, and helps with further damage. 

Basil also has magnesium in it, which helps the blood vessels and muscles to relax , which in turn helps stress levels. If you have ever smelled Basil, it is highly fragrant, and has green pointy leaves. Basil is such a popular herb used in the Italian family of foods, and are 60 different varieties of basil. Adding this herb to your recipes gives so many health benefits, plus adding amazing taste to your food. Always try to buy fresh basil , over the dried bottle herb. You will see a huge difference in the taste. Fresh basil always has a better , more fresh taste. One of my favorite ways to eat basil is adding it to my green juices, and adding it to any pizzas we make at home. You can’t go wrong adding this green superfoods to your daily diet.  



Zara shoe loveđź’•

Hi ladies! 

This past weekend I decided to head to a beauty Bootcamp in the great city of Chicago, and of course had some downtime to head to some of my favorite stores, and I seriously have been on the lookout for some amazing shoes from Zara, which these shoes have been sold out for months. Luck has been on my side for the past 6 months with all the great collaboration opportunities with Fit and Bliss. Well Luck must have walked in with me that day, because as I was strolling upstairs to look at the Zara dress Line, these shoes were sitting on a shelf under some things. I literally picked them up, and voila , they were my size. I instantly fell in love with them. Matter of fact, I can’t get enough of them. They are a unique blush color, and look super chic with jeans!! Check out my great find!!! 💕💕💕