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Anti- Aging tips to keep your skin youthful

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Celine Sunglasses

Celine Sunglasses

This week I have decided to post on skin, and ways that can make it look aging, and ways to keep it looking youthful. I’m the first to admit that I hate the word “anti-aging”, but it does it hit the spot when you hear it. You hear the word in just about anything, from certain anti-aging foods, to anti-aging skincare. There are many tips that can help you keep your skin healthy, and happy. Your skin doesn’t like pollutants, or bad food, or bad skin care. Prevention is such a mainstay , and there are ways to prevent aging skin from coming to early. These are some of my favorite tips , and I hope you try them, because they are good habits to start .

  • Find a great eye mask- One of the thinnest areas on our face is around our eyes. as we age, so does the skin around our eyes. It loses collagen, and starts to acquire wrinkles and crows feet. Using a weekly mask is important, and a good eye cream can do wonders. One of my favorite eye creams for nightly use is the Dior eye cream, and it really does work wonders.
  • Drink that Water- I cant tell you enough how important it is to drink loads of water. It really keeps our organs flushed, and just brings hydration to our skin. Its the most important drink you will ever have.
  • Always wear a good pair of sunglasses- Even if its cloudy, wearing sunglasses can prevent the light from hitting our eyes, and squinting. Squinting will cause crows feet, and prevention is key.
  • Always remove your makeup- Never wear your makeup to bed. Always take it off with a great cleanser, and apply a good night cream. If you leave it on, it will clog your pores, and cause breakouts, and early aging.
  • Always wear your SPF, even in the winter- I cant stress how important this is enough . SPF is a life saver in many ways, and is ultimately a skin protector. Even if its snowing outside, put it on. You can take control of the aging process now. The smallest little changes can add years to your skin.

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