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Worst Beauty Mistakes that can make you look older

Hi Ladies!

Nars concealer

Nars concealer

As we age, there are many things that can contribute to making us look older than we actually are, and there are things that can make us look younger. I’m sure none of you want to look older than your actual age, and there are many things we can do to keep us from looking that way. Here I want to point out some huge beauty mistakes that many women make, and thus makes them look older.

  • Over plucking the eyebrows. Eye brows are suppose to shape the eye. The over plucking went out in the 90’s , as soon as Pamela Anderson did. She’s the one who started it right? Over plucking can make the eyes look off set, which in turn can oddly make you look older than your age. its best to shape the brows with a brow kit, but keep the natural shape of your eye brow. You can use eye brow fillers, and if you need to get rid of a few strays, then have a professional thread them, or wax them. I personally love threading. It doesn’t take long at all, and it gives your eyebrows a very clean look.
  • Keep the matte look away- one thing that personally makes a person look older than anything else, is the matte powders. They have always settled in creases, which in turn makes your flaws very noticeable. Try to use a dewy primer or moisturizer, and with the right concealer, anything can be fixed. Stay away from those pesky ,heavy powders.
  • Use that concealer- Under eye circles can wreak havoc on your daily look. Try to add a bit of concealer to the under eye area, to give you a more fresh faced look, and awaken the skin under your eyes. Under eye circles get worse with age. A good concealer will work wonders for your eyes.
  • Puffy eyes- One thing that will make your eyes more puffy than anything is alcohol, and too much sodium. try to drink a lot of water daily, which will decrease the amount of puffiness around the eyes. Drinking lots of fresh water daily, is very important, not only for your eyes, but for your over all health.

Growing older is inevitable, but looking older can be helped. Remember to always take care of yourself daily. Exercising, and eating healthy foods are great attributes to a good healthy glow.

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