Happy Wednesday!

yogurt and granola is a perfect morning starter.

yogurt and granola is a perfect morning starter.

I hope all of you are getting up in the morning, and eating a healthy breakfast. You know you need that fuel for the day, and did you know that eating a good healthy breakfast prevents you from over eating through out the day? Research has shown that people who have shed weight over a years time, ate breakfast daily, without skipping out on the most important meal. An even better research statistic, they kept the weight off. People that have breakfast in the morning , didn’t overcompensate later throughout the day. If you decide that you aren’t going to eat breakfast, believe me when I say this, you WILL eat more through out the day, by snacking .

  • Did you know that eating a good healthy breakfast is good for your overall health? Studies have shown that eating breakfast every day decreased the risk of type 2 diabetes in women, because of the simple fact of limiting snacking later in the day.
  • Eating breakfast can really keep your energy going through out the day. If you are eating a breakfast high in fiber , and lower in the carb area, you will not get as tired as you would carbing up first thing in the morning. Try adding fruit to your oatmeal, or having some light greek yogurt with some fresh fruit. You will realize that you will feel so much energetic, once you have eaten a good breakfast.
  • Eating breakfast will allow you to consume more minerals and nutrients. You are getting more calcium and fiber.
  • You WILL burn more calories through the day. Eating smaller meals throughout the day, your metabolism is constantly burning, and in the long run, you will weight less , than compared to those that do skip out on breakfast. They best thing you can do for your health is eat your breakfast each morning, and skip the so -called breakfast foods, that aren’t real breakfast items , such as sugar filled cereals, do-nuts, ect. Those aren’t real foods. Eat wholesome breakfast items that are going to give your body all that it deserves.

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