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Charlotte Tilbury rocks! 

Hi ladies!

If you love makeup , then you would love Charlotte Tilbury makeup of all kinds. I recently just tried her eye shadow, and wow am I loving it. Her makeup is made of such great quality, that the eye makeup stays on for hours. Her eye shadow comes in amazing colors as well.

I recently had the chance to watch one of the finest makeup artist , Hrush Acheman , in her makeup tutorial, and Charlotte Tilbury is used quite frequently by Hrush, so I had to see if the buzz on her products were as great as I’ve been told. They are really one of the best up there along with finest of Makeup forever, and Tarte, and benefit. Her name is not heard of a lot , but you better believe it will be everywhere soon.

I’m a stickler with foundations, and am very picky. The foundations are suppose to be just as amazing, and that is next on my list to try. It’s always best to apply a really great eye primer first, before applying any shadow. The shadow does a lot better on a primer, and doesn’t crease, nor disappear during the days. I have used multiple eye shadows by many different brands, and I have to say , there are good ones and bad ones. Charlotte Tilbury will be one of my favorites for a long time. If you ever have the chance to try out her products, please do so. You will not be disappointed.

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