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The benefits of SUPERFOODS

  We all know how important it is to eat healthy. This is predominately the age of people trying to be healthier, workout , and ultimately live longer. We are seeing it all around us. I can’t stress enough the importance of superfoods. Since I have brought them into my daily diet over 2 years ago, I can’t tell you enough how it has made me feel inside and out. It has ultimately made my life so much healthier now every way possible. There are so many benefits of superfoods, that I want you to know the exact reasons you should be eating them everyday. 

I’m not saying you need to head over to the grocery store, buy them , and eat them raw. Even though that isn’t so bad, I know the majority of you are thinking there is no way. There are so many ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet , and gain the health benefits they come with. 

Some of the great benefits are: 

They are super good for your immunity. – superfoods has the ultimate power of antioxidants, vitamins , and minerals. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, and fight off any bad toxins that enter. It is astounding when you actually know what all these great things are doing for your body. You ultimately have a stronger immune system. 

They are so anti aging. I really don’t want to use that word out of context, but it really keeps your skin glowing, and your organs working properly. When you eat superfoods everyday, just from my point of view, you have more energy, you have clearer skin, and you ultimately feel younger. You gave stronger health and vitality.  They ultimately keep your health super charged everyday. If you are new to the superfoods, it’s best to start off slow, and slowly incorporate these amazing foods into your diet. Juicing is so great, and their are so many great recipes out there , that incorporates all these amazing foods into one drink, and they are delicious. You can even add some to your nightly dinner. They aren’t called superfoods for nothing. They are the ultimate health food that your body needs , and to top it off, they keep you feeling amazing inside and out.  Some of my favorite superfoods are:

 Kale , Spinach, wheatgrass, spirulina, organic berries, papaya, kiwi. These are just A few of my favorites. 

The next time your in the kitchen, grab your blender, and some great superfoods and throw them together, and raise a glass to your health! 


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