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Spirulina.. The ultimate Green power

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Add spirulina to your daily juice

Add spirulina to your daily juice

I wanted to do a few posts this week on superfoods, and power greens because this is the time of season when we need to stay well through the cold months, and stay at the top of our game physically, and mentally. The weather months can drain you in so many ways, especially when it comes to your health, so I wanted to do some posts on what superfoods were, and why we should incorporate them into our daily diet. One of the superfoods that is one of my ultimate favorite is Spirulina. This super power green has so many advantages when it comes to staying healthy.

Spirulina is loaded with so many nutrients, and grows in both salt and fresh water. This green can be taken in either powder form or tablet form. The powder form seems to be more potent , in the aspect, of being able to mix it with a lot of different fruits and vegetables. You can even mix it with wheatgrass, and add to your daily green juice for more added benefits. The standard daily dose of spirulina is 1-3 grams daily. In this does, it contains 4 grams of protein , along with Vitamin b1 , Vitamin B2, B3, copper, omega 3, and omega 6, and iron. The quality of spirulina is on the excellent side, but you need to find a good brand , that either comes in powder form or tablet form.

Spirulina offers so many great health benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful. This super green can fight off free radicals , and oxidative damage. It can lower your triglycerides, and lower your LDL, while raising your HDL. This green works at such a high level.

It appears to have anti-cancer properties as well. In many studies, it has shown to stop lesions of the mouth from forming and growing bigger. This is huge for anyone who runs the risk of any type of cancer.

Studies have shown that it can reduce Blood pressure. The minimum grams daily, can be mixed in a quick juice for those added benefits. High blood pressure is on the rise, and if any of you run the risk, or already have it, please look into taking the daily amount of spirulina. Always consult with your doctor first.

Spirulina can also help your muscle strength improve. This green is a super green for a reason. Adding this daily will only help you health, and keep your healthy optimally.

Powdered spirulina

Powdered spirulina

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