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My Gift Guide Holiday Ideas

Hi Ladies!

Well as fast as this year has been going, Christmas will be here  before you know it. Its never too early to start thinking of the great gifts to buy for your family this year. It seems it gets harder every year, as the kids get older, and peoples likes change. I’ve had a few emails asking what I think are some great gifts for tweens, as they are hard to buy for at that age. I just decided to do a post on some of my favorite gift ideas for this year.

One gift that I love , and always have are candles. There are the average candles that burn quickly, and do not really give off a smell, and then there are the real candles, that within five minutes they can smell up your whole house. One of my favorite kinds are the Cire Trudon Gabriel Candle, and the aromas I can not get enough of. They come in the most gorgeous candle holders, and the packaging is exquisite as well. This would be a perfect gist for anyone that loves candles. It has a long burn time, and will really lift your homes aroma in no time. FullSizeRender (69)For the person in your family that loves beauty products along with those candles, The Jo Malone gift set, is truly the Best gift. It comes in the gorgeous cream and white boxes with the black bows, and the packaging is always done up beautiful. If you go to your nearest Nordstrom, or any Jo Malone dealer, they will gift package it up nicely for you. I love Jo Malone, and every single scent that she has within her perfume line, is amazing. FullSizeRender (70)Do you have that chef in your family that loves to cook, or loves hanging out in the kitchen with a good cookbook? What great cook doesn’t love a set of good mixing bowls? Hawkins New York sells the most amazing mixing bowls. I bought these for my husband last year , as he loves to cook. These bowls can be bought in copper plated also, as well as the aluminum. They are super nice. This is a gift that can be kept for a long time.FullSizeRender (71)For those tween kids, whos taste change over night it seems, I love the Tech gifts such as I pads, or laptops, which those last forever, and for the tween girl, I love the Marc Jacobs perfume gift sets, which are perfect for the girl. This set is perfect because it comes with four different small fragrance bottles, and are super cute, and smell terrific. You know if they have this, they will not be coming and using yours for a while. FullSizeRender (72)I know I didn’t get to cover all my favorites this year, but this is a good start. These all work perfect as gifts for that certain someone. What’s on your list this year?

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  1. November 18, 2015 / 1:26 pm

    Yes!! Candles are my favourite gift to give. So warm and cozy, perfect for winter weather!!

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