Zara shoe loveđź’•

Hi ladies! 

This past weekend I decided to head to a beauty Bootcamp in the great city of Chicago, and of course had some downtime to head to some of my favorite stores, and I seriously have been on the lookout for some amazing shoes from Zara, which these shoes have been sold out for months. Luck has been on my side for the past 6 months with all the great collaboration opportunities with Fit and Bliss. Well Luck must have walked in with me that day, because as I was strolling upstairs to look at the Zara dress Line, these shoes were sitting on a shelf under some things. I literally picked them up, and voila , they were my size. I instantly fell in love with them. Matter of fact, I can’t get enough of them. They are a unique blush color, and look super chic with jeans!! Check out my great find!!! 💕💕💕