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The health benefits of Basil

Happy Tuesday!  

 Did you all know that Basil is considered one of the best superfoods you can eat . The health benefits of this food solely out weighs many other superfoods because of the flavonoids in it that reacts high at the cellular level. This herb , also known as St. Joseph’s Wort, is a member of the mint family. It has become such a popular food, being included in many health juices, and also being a popular topping in many recipes. Basil has been shown to stop bacterial growth, and Shown to inhibit many types of pathogenic bacteria.

Basil has many anti -inflammatory effects, and with Basil having so much Vitamin A, it qualifies as being a huge factor in helping with Cardiovascular health. Free radical damage is the big culprit in many health conditions, including arthritis and asthma, and the beta-carotene found in basil helps lessen the progression of many ailments, and helps with further damage. 

Basil also has magnesium in it, which helps the blood vessels and muscles to relax , which in turn helps stress levels. If you have ever smelled Basil, it is highly fragrant, and has green pointy leaves. Basil is such a popular herb used in the Italian family of foods, and are 60 different varieties of basil. Adding this herb to your recipes gives so many health benefits, plus adding amazing taste to your food. Always try to buy fresh basil , over the dried bottle herb. You will see a huge difference in the taste. Fresh basil always has a better , more fresh taste. One of my favorite ways to eat basil is adding it to my green juices, and adding it to any pizzas we make at home. You can’t go wrong adding this green superfoods to your daily diet.  


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