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Great makeup tips to look good in all your photos.

Hi ladies! 

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you spend multiple hours getting ready for a big event, and your planning on taking lots of photos, and then you feel disappointed once you see the photos because you felt your makeup looked too strong , or you felt you didn’t have the right amount on? Well I’ll give you some great tips to look wonderful , yet natural with some great makeup tips. 

We all know that the models we see in magazines, have been photo shopped ten times over, and have just the amount of correct lighting and so forth. Well with just the right amount of the correct makeup products, it will not matter on the lighting , or whether you wished you could photo shop yourself. 

– always use a light mineral based, or natural coverage foundation. I can’t tell you how many horrible foundations there are out there, that can make you look like you tried to hard. Pick a natural one that isn’t so dark. The concept is all in the blend. Once you pick it , blend very well. 

– a natural highlighter. They have some great ones out now , such as Becca and benefit. The key is to highlight the areas that will reflect the most light. These areas tend to be, cheekbones, upper eyebrow. 

– conceal the right areas. I see women all the time that has put either too much concealer on, or they have used it in the wrong areas. The areas for concealer include: under eyes, and between the eyes, and around the nose. Remember the concept- blend well. 

– use a great mascara, such as Dior show, or benefit lash roller. Make sure you use a conditioner on eyelashes before, and always curl your lashes. 

-try to use a little eyeliner around the eyes. Eyeliners frame the eyes well, and it makes your eyes look gorgeous in photos. 

– make sure to contour the right areas of your face. Along the jawline, around the forehead, and along the nose. This will give your face a great frame, and structure. 

Do not over due the powder. Powder is a huge mistake if you do not apply it correctly. Too much can make your skin look aged, and dried out. Only go over face once with a light translucent powder. 

Applying your makeup correctly, is key to great photos. If you follow these steps, you will not need the correct lighting . Your face will light up!  


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