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Action packed gifts this Christmas! 

Hi ladies! 

What is a better gift to give someone , then the gift of fitness. We all know how important it is to stay healthy, but giving gifts for motivation is a great way to help someone special start off the new year! 

I have some great Action packed gifts in mind. You could give one of these to that crazy fit friend of yours, or give a sense of motivation for that someone. Everyone loves a gift that they themselves don’t have to worry about buying, or dread buying for themselves. 

One item that is at the top of my list is Lululemon capris, which are easy to move in, and on top of it, very comfortable. I truly believe that you can not buy one thing there that isn’t comfortable.  


A great buy this season for anyone to use is the Fitbit bracelet. This is an excellent gift for keeping track of the time, steps that you take daily, and so much more. They come in many different colors, and can either be bought for a man or woman. They really do come in handy.  

DDo you have that yogi friend who absolutely can’t miss a yoga class? Try picking up a great yoga mat with a cover for him or her. You can give them the most out of their yoga workout, by investing in a really great mat, with a handy strap. What yogi doesn’t want to go prepared?  


What about your favorite girlfriend or mother who absolutely loves a good comfy pull over? Athleta makes great pull overs to wear to your workout, and they even can be also worn as a wardrobe staple. These are all great gifts for your action filled fitness friends, or you family members who need a little motivation boost!  



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