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New you for New Years? 

Well the new year is coming around, and there is no better way to start 2016 off , then to reboot your inner and outer self with some great health and beauty tips. 

What is it that YOU want to change, or improve? Improving and changing things within ourselves is healthy, and helps us evolve as a person. We discover new things about ourselves, and what is more amazing than that? 

Here are some great reboots to start off the new year.

– get a new do! Are you one of those women or men that has had the same hair for years, or has been to scared to change your color? Go for it! The hair will grow back, and we can always go back to our original color. Step out of your comfort zone. You may absolutely love it. 

-get in the best shape of your life. Yes i know, Life is hectic, and fast. Everyone has that type of life these days, and the sad part is , it probabley will never change. The one thing is,You do exist. Take the time to get to the gym , and eat your way to a healthier lifestyle. 

– relax your mind, body , and spirit . I recently just went to the Dana Spa in Chicago for a massage, and it was quite refreshing. Pamper yourself! You deserve it!  

   – drink more of your homemade juices. Yes we are short on time on certain days, but making a juice each day will truly make you feel amazing. You will have wished you did it a long time ago. 
– update your makeup look. Try new products! Try a new eye color. It’s all about exploring and experimenting. That’s what makes life so fun!!! 

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