Like wine? Here are the perfect food pairings for your favorites.

Hi ladies! 

It’s that time of year when the cocktails are swirling, and if you are wine drinker, then I have the perfect food pairings for your favorites. It’s best to associate the best foods with your wine, so you get the most flavor out of it. I have done my homework over many years, and I will tell you that the food does make a huge difference. 

Are you a Cabernet Sauvignon fan? To get the best flavor out of your wine, it’s best to pair a good cab with a good red meat , such as a good hearty steak. The flavor of both instantly is compatible. Pinot noir which is a little lighter than a cab, is paired great with earthy dishes , such as a margarita pizza, one with lots of earthy vegetables such as tomatoes, or mushrooms. Sauvignon Blanc, which is a bit more tart , would pair well with great tarts or dressings. Dressings with butter bases. 

If you are a champagne fan, then anything salty really brings the most out of your bubbly. Foods such as Chinese pairings, or even salt based flour foods, work well with champagne. 

Pinot Grigio works well with light based fish dishes, such as shrimp, ahi tuna, or mussels. The flavor of the Pinot is a bit more sweeter than a Chardonnay, so the light fishes aren’t so overbearing . A Chardonnay would pair well with fatty fish in heavy sauces such as tilapia in a lemon butter sauce, or cod, dipped in a heavy wine sauce. These are all amazing wines, and if your planning on drinking your favorites over the holidays, try pairing it with an amazing meal.  



Bone broth .. The newest trend in health

Hi ladies! 

There is always the newest and upcoming trends in health, and as we all get older, it’s best to keep our health at the most optimum level. The newest in health these days is all the rave on bone broth. I have recently started adding it to my diet regimen, and it feels wonderful to know that I’m adding the health benefits to my health. 

There are healing compounds found the bone broth, which include collagen, glutamine , and proline. I’m sure some of those words look familiar, and that’s because you can find them in many health food supplements. These great substances help protect the gut lining in your stomach and helps with any healing issues associated with your stomach. Drinking broth or even cooking with it does so much for your health. 

Some great health benefits are protection of your joints. If you know the health benefits of glutamine, then you know that it helps with keeping your joints moving freely, and helps against arthritis. As we get older, it’s always best to keep our joints healthy. It’s better in the long run and will help against many ailments later in life. 

Bone broth is loaded with collagen, the substance found in many beauty products that helps our skin look younger. Bone broth helps our skin stay youthful. That doesn’t hurt right? 

Bone broth helps to support our immunity. It helps to keep our immune system working optimally. With all of the wonderful components, it wouldn’t hurt to add this to your health everyday. It’s only a plus.