Turmeric powder.. Add a bit to your health

Turmeric powder has been in the health news for a while now, adding it to the likes of wheatgrass, spirulina, ect. It acts as a protectant when it comes to your health, and is added to foods , smoothies, ect. To give you the health benefits. 

The medicinal properties of turmeric dates back to the ancient times of India. This yellow powder has no calories, and is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and magnesium. It’s immunity boosting , and is loaded up with antioxidants. The main ingredient is curcumin, and is 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin E, and vitamin C. The properties of curcumin is the ideal way to get those vitamins. It helps lower cholesterol , and helps with aging.  

 It has also been known to help with allergies, heart disease, and diabetes. It’s known to help with free radical damage , and help your DNA. This powder can be bought usually in any health food store, or ordered online. I usually mix mine in my morning smoothies, and sprinkle a bit in my foods. This is a huge component for your health.  



Breakfast boost? Avocado on toast

We all know that eating a healthy breakfast is essential to good health. I know lots of times we can get stuck in a rut, eating the same breakfast over and over again, and getting bored, even though we may be making healthy choices.

One of my favorites for a breakfast choice is avocado on toast. Avocado is a superfood for a variety of reasons. This green superfood is known to lower your cholesterol due to the mono saturated fats found in avocado. It provides you with 30 percent of this healthy fat every day. It will also keep your bad cholesterol at bay, which in turn helps reduce strokes and heart disease, which by the way is rising in women.

Avocado also works to boost your brain. Loaded with vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids, these are critical to keep your brain working optimally.

This green superfood also helps with weight loss. They are rich in fiber, and monounsaturated fatty acids. It helps you to experience hunger less often, and helps your body digestive system work more properly. With less hunger, you will stave off more calories.

Avocados help your blood pressure stay in tact, and helps maintain overall good health. Avocados are loaded with potassium, which in turn plays a huge role in keeping your blood pressure down. It provides you with approximately 14 percent of what your body needs daily.

 Toss up your breakfast options weekly, and try an avocado on toast. Sprinkled with a little pepper, it’s a great breakfast option, or add an avocado to your egg whites. There are many ways to incorporate that superfood into some of your meals. Your health will thank you.


Spice up your health

Staying healthy today is so crucial to a long and healthy life, and there are always new and exciting health products coming out everyday to keep us in top optimal health. Well some of the most amazing health products can be found right in your kitchen. Spices are doing wonders for the health, from throwing them in green juices to even seeing some in bath and body products. Why? There are so many health benefits to them. 

 Turmeric- we all have read about the amazing properties of this spice. This antioxidant is a great anti – inflammatory agent, and has helped with helping lower blood pressure to helping with the winter blues. You can add this easy to any healthy dinner dish, to reap the benefits. 

cinnamon– this great spice helps to regulate your blood sugar, and helps with bone density. This helps regulate metabolism and is wonderful spread on oatmeal, or even sprinkled in coffee.  

 –ginger-this is amazing for your post workout , and is a great anti- inflammatory. This is known to help with menstrual cramps, so warm ginger tea is always good to sip that time of the month. You can also add this to your morning shake. 

– cloves-cloves is wonderful for stomach issues. Clove tea is good to sip if you are having stomach upset of any sort. 

These are some great all natural ways to help your health daily. Adding these in a bit everyday, helps with optimal health. 


Have imperfections? Try Mac

Hi ladies! 

I’ve done many posts on great foundations , which I’ve tried many , and I do have my favorites. I’ve had a few emails asking me about dry skin & big pore size, and I want to say that as I am a Makeup forever fan, with many of you asking about the best foundation for hiding those imperfections, I truly advise Mac studio fix fluid foundation. The reason for this is because I’ve been to many Mac makeup instructional classes, and this foundation is huge for imperfections such as enlarged pores, and dryness. It’s more of a thicker foundation which hides imperfections better, especially primed before with prep & prime.  

 You can walk into any Mac cosmetic store, and they will simply match your skin tone & type to the foundation that is best for you. It does dry to a matte- finish , which gives the illusion of flawless skin. It truly is a remarkable foundation, and comes in approximately 38 different shades. If your skin is on the oily side, you may experience some shininess through out the day. The silicone formula offers great imperfection coverage and also has the blur effect built in.( I’ve done another post recently on blurring). Make sure when using it, you get it blended well with a beauty blender, and add a bit of water to your beauty blender to get that dewy effect. It can do wonders for your skin.  



Great ways to Declutter your life

We all want to start new resolutions when the new year starts, and there is no better way to do that then by decluttering your life a bit. There are so many great ways to Declutter not only space in your home, but that also means space in your mind.

The first thing I do right after the holidays is Declutter my home. It starts in my closet, and I will end up with 4 or 5 bags full to drop off at shelters and churches. It’s such a great feeling, and even though I still love a lot of it, I know it’s helping out so many more people in need. My pantry also gets a clean up, throwing out snacks, and half bags full of stuff, and placing them with nice canisters. It’s such a great feeling in your home and in your mind. Nothing is better than when you have a place for everything. It also lowers stress levels, and keeps your mind healthier. Here are some great de cluttering tips for yourself.

when cleaning out anything in your home, ask yourself if you will wear it in the next month, and if you haven’t worn it in over a year, someone else will. Give it away. Make bags for shelters and churches. There are a lot of people that could use that stuff. 

– don’t try to do all of it in one day.  Pick an area once a week and work on it. 

– throw out all old papers or calendars. It’s a new year, you don’t need them. Decluttering also has a lot to do with your handbag. Get that handbag organized. 

– get a calendar for the new year and keep all your appointments, and games and practices, ect, written down, so that your not forgetting important tasks. 

– decluttering also has a lot to do with who you surround yourself with. Place yourself around swimmers not sinkers. There are a lot of them out there. People that are so worried about what other people are saying or doing are the first to separate from. 

 – trying a yoga or meditation class is great, and also helps with de stressing.