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Great ways to stay happy and healthy! 

Good morning!

Happiness and health go hand in hand. Being healthy isn’t always about just eating healthy food and heading to the gym. It’s about having a good mindset , and a good balance within yourself to keep everything healthy, and when I say that, I mean your mind, and spirit also. Having a great spirit is essential for long lasting health. Here are some great ways to ensure you live a happy and healthy life.

put yourself around positive and fun people. – you do not want to waste your time around negative people, or people that do not like to see you do well. They exist people. It’s a common factor that if someone isn’t pushing you to be your best, apparently they are lacking in the “happiness” department. They WILL NOT add anything to your life. Two words.. Get rid.. Be around people who you laugh with, and carry a positive attitude. It really does reflect the type of person they are.

be unique , and stay true to yourself. – the best thing about being you, is your YOU, and No one else. Be creative, and stick to your guns. Go with your instinct. Find your rhythm, and your likes. Don’t try to go with someone else’s ideas, and always make yourself stand out. You always want to stand out. It makes you that much more unique.

when you feel doubtful, just smile- it amazes me at my age, that no matter what, I look around at my life and realize how lucky I am. It makes me smile, and as time goes on, it just reminds me that much more, how great my life truly is. Smiling just makes your days a lot brighter!

Don’t take anything for granted.– I know you all know this, but life is short. Anything can be taken away at any time, and your BEST life is now. Enjoying your time with family and friends, and having fun always is key, no matter what. Live each day as though it’s your last, and get out and try new things!

meditation is key to being mindful. – I never was the meditation type, until I started doing yoga, and then I realized that just meditating 15 minutes each morning does so much for your day. It’s a reminder of how to stay mindful of the things around you. What’s 15 minutes of your day, when it can add so much?

always stay positive- I can’t say this any louder.. A positive attitude makes all the difference in your life. No matter what is going on, always keep a positive attitude. Great things do come, more than you know. It’s such a mind power, and every good person loves a positive attitude.

 Keep the music going– music is such a huge part of my life and my family’s life. Unless a football game is on, we have great music playing all the time. We love it, whether it’s indie music or sounds of the season, it’s wonderful for the mind.

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