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Use makeup brushes? Keep them clean! 

Hi ladies!

I’ve had a few emails asking me what is a good time lapse to clean makeup brushes. Dirty Makeup brushes can cause a series of problems, not just for the makeup brushes , but can wreak havoc on your skin in many ways. First of all, I hope all of you are making it a constant habit of washing your face day, and night . If you are, you need to make sure your cleansing is not followed by a series of bad habits, such as keeping your Makeup brushes out where you hairspray your hair. That hairspray will end up on your makeup brushes, and those makeup brushes filled with  hairspray will end up on your face. It’s best to keep your makeup brushes cleaned every two weeks in rotation. They sell amazing makeup brush cleaners at Sephora. Here are a list of things that can happen if you do not keep those brushes clean.

your face will end up with terrible color. – if you are using makeup brushes over and over again, without washing them, that foundation from multiple uses , still stuck to your makeup brush , will make its own foundation color, and believe me, it will not be a color that will suit you.

-you will have some serious skin irritations- if you have un clean brushes, you will end up getting skin irritations. Those bristles will eventually dry out, leaving your skin dry and scaly.

your skin will end up breaking out! – you may for some certain reason along the way, think that your skin is very sensitive, but in reality , you may want to look at how clean your brushes are. The germs build up on brushes, leaving your skin grimy, in return, causes breakouts. Clean your brushes, and I guarantee your breakouts subside. Continuing to use dirty makeup brushes will only make your acne get worse.

 -your beauty investment is ruined. – makeup brushes aren’t cheap, and if you are dropping money on expensive brushes, take care of them. You are just wasting money if you aren’t taking care of them.

dirty brushes can cause some serious health problems. – did you know that sharing dirty makeup brushes can cause pinkeye, among other things. I know many girls , in the high school Ages, have sleepovers , get ready , and share makeup and brushes. DO NOT share them. They can cause many serious health issues. It’s just as bad as sharing lipsticks! Germs travel.

So the bottom line is –  be safe & smart, with your brushes. Germs are everywhere, especially in un clean environments. Make sure you store your brushes away from hairspray, pefumes, and anything that could be unhealthy .

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