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Important ingredients for aging well. 

I really wanted to do a post on aging well , because it’s important to know some healthy factors as the years go on, and I really do not like the word anti-aging, because to me there is no such thing. We all get older , and as we grow older , we can look amazing, but it’s STILL our age. It doesn’t mean we have to look it or feel it for that matter.

I’ve done so many posts on health benefits , and how to add those to your daily regimen, but I wanted to do a post on ingredients that actually can make us look younger , and keeping our skin supple. I see people everyday , and some look older than they are, and some people look younger, and it’s a reflection of what and how we are ingesting in our bodies, and how we are taking care of ourselves.

As we get older, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help from some  great ingredients. The environment has a lot to do with our skin too. If you are ingesting smoke all day, the likelihood of a no- wrinkle complexion is slim to none. Here are some great ingredients to add to your daily beauty ritual, whether it’s for your baths, showers, lotions, or even a organic skin care line.

Lavender- this is a great product for all skin types. You can buy it in an essential oil form and add to your bath, add it to your tea, or buy lotions and bath gels that contain lavender. It’s an anti- inflammatory herb, and is also relaxing. Stress can take away years from your life. 

 – chamomile- this botanical is nourishing, and calming. This is my favorite tea of all time. 

– green tea- this is known to spike the metabolism , and help trim the belly. It’s also full of antioxidants known to help free radical damage. You can buy this in pill form also. It’s good to drink green tea everyday just for the health benefits. You may also see your waistline shrink. 

Pomegranate- this is a super rich fruit, and helps to keep the skin soft and supple. Try to avoid the sugar filled pomegranate juice, unless it’s 100 percent all natural. Sugar is not good for your skin. 

These are some great ingredients that can be added to your beauty regimen everyday to help look your best, and these are also amazing in tea form. It helps to get into a good daily routine with your skin.

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