The new shoe bomb.. APL rocks.. Athletic propulsion lab trainers

I just recently started running again, and every year I start off with a new pair of trainers because running and training actively can break down the traction on your shoes. I recently ordered a new pair of APL trainers, which were invented by two twin brothers who  played multiple sports in college, and wanted to invent something more compatible with training and adding a bit of fashion sense in it. I started hearing a lot of great things about this company, and was reading great reviews on the shoes, so instead of jumping on some new nikes, I thought I’d try these out. There are many different styles to pick from , that range from running styles, to training styles. If you are one that works out in a crossfit gym, or just runs as your form of exercise, they have some amazing styles. 

The trainers and running styles come in many different colors. I know I’m one that loves black athletic shoes because they basically look great with anything. The APL shoes come in many black and white styles. Looking for something new but fashionable? Check out these great shoes!