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One of the best parts of living is the flow of energy that surrounds all of us. It’s unique yes, but it’s up to us to choose the type of energy that we want around us. Positive energy comes in many different forms , from meditation & deep breathing, mindful thinking, ect.. But most of all , it comes from letting go. Letting go of what you THINK you should be doing, to doing what you WANT to be doing, and doing the things and experimenting with the things you like. We sometimes can find our selves at the end of the week, realizing that first.. The week is coming to a halt, and second, that the things you wanted to get done, or do were never put in place. It’s all about balance, and being mindful of the time we have, and how we want to utilize it. You get more satisfaction and happiness when you do things you enjoy to do.  

 Shifting focus on the accomplishing goals or tasks that you really WANT to do , should be your top priority. Taking time out of your day or evening to go do something that you have been wanting , is so important in the quest for living mindfully. What takes away our positive energy or flow is monotonous schedules, crazy chaos, which I call lather, rinse, and repeat. We get so caught up in chaos that it can strip away our energy , and turn it into many different things. It’s so important that what and who we put around us, radiates our energy to a high degree, and keeping it positive is all up to us. Some ways to keep that positive energy around- be thankful everyday for your blessings, plan to do more things each week that you absolutely love, ( each day that goes by, is one more day you missed out on doing it), spend more time with the friends and family that you love), stay heathy and exercise)( proven fact that working out and eating better makes us happier), give more to the needy, make a donation to your favorite charity, ( it’s always good to give back), practice being proud of all the accomplishments you’ve had, send your family a nice card. These are all ways that keep positive energy around us. Remember.. Always take time to relax. I feel people these days do not do that enough because of the crazy schedules. Last but not least… Breathe!!! 

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  1. February 8, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Started to follow today, i am really enjoying your posts, articles that are very close to my heart thanks for a great blog

    • February 8, 2016 / 1:09 pm

      Awe! Thank you! That’s so nice to hear. You can also follow on Facebook:)

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