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5 super foods to add to your diet now! 

I want to share with you all some Great foods to add to your diet daily, to make you feel better, give you more energy, and bring your body to a more alkaline state. Of course it’s good to eat your fresh fruits and vegetables every day, but adding in super foods every day just gives your body more sufficient protection that it needs. Here are my top 5 superfoods that I eat everyday. 

-Turmeric- this powder is a wonder superfood. It reduces inflammation, and is loaded with powerful antioxidants tha help fight cancer. It helps promote a healthy heart. A great way to use this , is sprinkle some in your dishes, or add some to your smoothies. 

– Spirulina- this power food is loaded with vitamin A, K, B12, and iron. Helps promote a healthy heart, and is anti – inflammatory. This is great as a powder, and thrown in green juices, or even mixing with water.  

 -avocado- I eat one everyday. This is a great healthy fat, loaded with fiber, vitamin e, c, copper , and folate. Helps with reducing inflammation, and also helps with weight management. Add this to your salads. 

-cacao- do you like chocolate? Well you can have the taste , without all the sugars, and fillers. This is a superfood. It’s unprocessed , and loaded with antioxidants. It’s full of magnesium, and potassium along with lots others. This is great mixed with oatmeal, or added to your smoothie. Yummy! 

– apple cider vinegar- I add this to my water daily,because of its health benefits. It contains enzymes, potassium, and helps your body maintain a good ph balance. 

Adding these daily will increase your overall optimum health. 

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