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Top ways to fuel that workout

One way to get the best out of your workout , is fueling correctly before and after. If you do not fuel correctly, you will find your muscles will get tired, sore and you may start feeling lethargic. You want to train your body to burn fat for fuel. That’s the key! Your body uses two types of fuel: sugar or fat. The sugar portion , known as glycogen is the sugar where carbohydrates are broken down into the digestive system. Glycogen is then stored in your muscles and liver. Fat is a far more better fuel for your body. If you eat three meals daily, you will not deplete your glycogen. Some healthy fats to consider are: coconut oil, pastured eggs, nuts, ect. You want to time your meals where the fat burning will start . 

You do not want to skip breakfast. This is the most important meal that starts your metabolism up. You do not want to skip dinner either. The big component to remember is what to eat and not eat before a workout. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks , and yes this includes those horrible ” so called protein bars that have hardly any protein, but loaded with sugar. These bars are everywhere! Pick a good bar that has high protein, but yet low in sugar. Avoid: energy drinks, sports drinks, and any type of fruit juice. These are all loaded with sugar. If you think that loading up on carbs is the ideal, think again. That is commonly used by high endurance exercisers, but regular exercisers should look more towards high , healthy protein to get your fuel. Try to drink green tea, water, or even organic black coffee. A good whey protein shake is also great fuel for a workout. It’s all about clean eating also. After your workout, try drinking a good recovery drink, and eat good healthy protein for dinner , such as a good fish or health organic chicken with organic vegetables. You can pick healthy carb options . Eating clean and training mean is the key !  


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