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Hangover? I got the cures! 

Hi ladies!

I’m sure you all have had nights where you end up at a party or gathering, and having a great time, then wake up the next morning , realizing that ” oh wow, I feel terrible. Those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed, you want to sleep all day, and you feel worse than you ever have. It’s the ultimate hangover. You ask yourself over and over, ” why did I drink so much, or I didn’t think I had that much, or the best line is , ” I’m never drinking again! Well yes I’m sure you will.

Even though you need to casually have your glass of wine, it doesn’t always happen that way. I have ways that will make you feel better after a fun night out.  I’m not saying after doing these things, you will be able to go run a marathon, but you will start feeling better.

water ..water…water.. Drink up!! Start hydrating , and filling that body with water. Water absorbs alcohol. It’s best to drink as much water upon waking.

 –pop an asprin- who doesn’t get that horrible headache with a hangover. It doesn’t feel good right? Taking a few asprin will offset the trigger pain of that headache.

shower. Nothing makes you feel better than a warm shower. It instantly makes you feel better.. And wakes you up.

pickle juice- i know this sounds crazy, but drinking pickle juice helps calm nausea from a hangover. It may not sound all that great , but it does help.

-sleep- we all have crazy , busy lives, but if you have the time to go back to bed for just another hour , or have the luxury of sleeping and resting the rest of the day, that helps tremendously.  Especially if its on a casper mattress by casper.

We all have these days, and it’s normal, but drinking alcohol should be casually . It can do so many things to our health, if not. Drink smart!


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