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Beauty tips for perfect brows

Hi ladies! 

We all know the look of a face is purely dependent on how the brows look. They ultimately shape your face, and sets the tone for all the rest. To me the most important part of your face is your brows, ( besides good teeth). One huge tip for keeping gorgeous brows is NEVER over pluck. I’d advise going to get them threaded, or if that’s too much, get them waxed. You NEVER want to touch the tops of the brows. The only real good purpose of a good pair of tweezers is to get the strays underneath the brow line. You shouldn’t be using them that often. 

I have some great tips that I have picked up from some wonderful makeup workshops and I have utilized in my every day life. It’s so important to buy food products that are going to last and have good color. There are a multitudes of ” Browns ” out there. You could think you are getting a brown brow pencil, then once you get it home, you realize there is so much red in it. Sometimes a great thing to do is head over to a Mac store, or Sephora store and have someone try some products on you that work best with your skin tone. 

Always invest in a good pair of tweezers for those stray hairs. They pop up when you least expect it, and if your going out, you want your strays to be gone. It really opens up your eyes when you have all the strays gone.  

 Always invest in a good brand of brow pencil, that has a great edge to it , as well as a good color. Your brows should always be a bit darker than your hair color. One of my all time favorite brands is Anastasia Beverly Hills brows. She has amazing pallets and pencils. They are wonderful.  Charlotte Tibury has great pencils as well. 

 Make sure to have a great brow gel to apply after the brow pencil to keep your brows shaped in place. Brow gels are a lifesaver and really adds depth to your brows.  

 It’s always best once the brows are done, to add just a bit of powder to the tops of them to set everything in place. Using all these tips on your brows will give you an instant eye lift without even visiting a doctor. 

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