Collagen love💜

Hi ladies!

What keeps out skin looking youthful? Collagen is a huge source for lack of wrinkles, crows feet, and everything in between. As we age , the collagen in our skin starts to degenerate and you can see the skin starts thinning, which in turn causes the sagging skin, and degeneration of skin. Aging is inevitable, but aging healthy is the key. The fibroblasts in the connective tissue , are the components that help with collagen production.

 Collagen isn’t just good for the skin , but it also helps with more active joints. It is essential for the connective tissue and organs. I have been taking supplemental collagen for over a year, and I can’t tell you how it has made me feel. I have truly seen a huge difference in my joints, and as active as I am, it helps tremendously to be able to get up, and get to a workout, and not be sore afterwards.

 It has given my skin a glow, and better clarity throughout. I’m not saying that this is some sort of miracle powder, but it does aid in the productivity of joints. It has really improved my skin health. This is now a daily supplementation I take, due to the huge difference it has made.

This powder provides amino acids for replenishing the skin, helps build lean muscle, and improves the skins elasticity. It is gluten free, non GMO, and is eco friendly! This has also provided a quicker wound healing. It has helped my nails grow stronger and longer. It is 6600 mg, and I do take a scoop daily. I add it to my water. It honestly is great!


Organic lobster lettuce wraps

Hi ladies!

This is a great recipe that is simple, yet delicious. We don’t have the time to make a full spread of our favorite healthy recipes in the middle of the day, so this is why this recipe is great. It takes no time to whip up, and you’ll love the taste of it. I do use all organic ingredients, but you do not have to.

1.5 oz of organic lobster( boiled and pulled) pre make the night before)

Lettuce head. ( 2 pieces of huge lettuce leaves)

Organic avocado / sliced and 1/2 to one lettuce leave and the other half to the other

1 small organic Roma tomato slices / cubed

1 cup organic salsa ( mild) or whatever you prefer.

I have used lobster from past lobster tails and pulled , and reused the meat of what was left.

Throw all this together, and it is amazing , plus low in fat & calories. The avocado is a healthy fat that we all need, and lycopene in tomatoes are wonderful. Enjoy!


Rent the Runway Wedding Guide

Hi Dolls !

Heading to a wedding this spring or Summer, or looking for some wedding Tips? Check out the Wedding Guide on Fit and Bliss through Rent the Runway! Just click on the right to THE WEDDING GUIDE, and you will be on your way!


Quinoa .. The Supergrain..super healthy

I’m sure you all have heard the word Quinoa,  in the land of health. Any more, you see it in health magazines, books, podcasts, and so forth, that’s because of the amazing health benefits this super grain has. Quinoa is similar to buckwheat, but is not a member of the true grass family. This super grain resembles amaranth. Quinoa originated in the region of Peru, and this grain is full of amazing nutrients such as Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Folate, and Magnesium, which we all know are amazing vitamins we need to keep our bodies strong and healthy. FullSizeRender (91)

There are so many ways to incorporate Quinoa into your daily diet. I love adding to fresh grilled vegetables, or adding to my fish . One cup of Quinoa contains a whopping 5 grams of fiber, and 8 grams of protein. Its very low in calories, at only having 22 calories and 4 grams of fat in one cup. Just adding one cup to your dinner with vegetables, gives you a sufficient amount of vitamins. Quinoa is loaded up with iron, which many people are deficient in. Low iron can bring on fatigue, and you may not even know you have low iron. The sufficient amount of iron can help you maintain healthy blood cells.

Quinoa is full of magnesium, which relaxes blood vessels, helps prevent diabetes, and helps with keeping bones healthy and thriving. It is filled with antioxidants , which helps your body with aging well, and helps you live longer. Because Quinoa is so low in calories, it helps keep the weight off, and can prevent you from gaining weight if it is eaten properly. This should be added to your diet to give you more antioxidants. If you are one that likes to eat pasta and grains, try to replace your white flour pasta, which probably isn’t that healthy for you, with some quinoa. It doesn’t take a lot for you to gain the rewards from this. If you are unsure on how to make it, or what to pair it with, check out pinterest, for some amazing recipes. You can also check out some of my recipes, as I have incorporated Quinoa into some of them.


4 amazing rituals to get into the vibes of spring!

It’s such an amazing feeling to wake up finally to some great weather, and see nature around us blooming again. The buds on the trees, the birds chirping, and sun shining is always lovely.

I’m the first to admit, I do not like the cold. I do like the 4 seasons, but as I get older, I am not a fan of the cold , unless I’m skiing, or its Christmas time. Other than that, that’s it for me. I wil not live in the Midwest 5 monthes out of the year once my kids are grown, which is right around the corner.

The winter can bog us down, and can zap our energy if we aren’t on top of our game. It’s so important to keep your exercising up, staying healthy in the winter months also, but I know for some of you, that can be hard. Well since spring is here, there are some great rituals that you can start, to get you into the vibe of spring.

clean your home- do away with any and all chemical laden products. Stick to all natural products , and change everything. I recently went out and bought all new pillows for all the bedrooms, as well as new sheets. I know it’s crazy , but you need to change your pillows every 6 months. Dust mites live everywhere , and can cause horrible allergens. Try to stick to all green products. It’s best for your health , and your home. 

-get into nature- now is the time to take walks, ride bikes, and get out into nature. Go on a walk on a trail you have never tried, or grab a friend and go for a long walk. It’s not only good for your body, but great for your mind. 

 -buy some flowers- this is my biggest splurge I would say. I do buy fresh flowers weekly. I do love the smell, look and the fact they are alive and beautiful inside my house. It makes everything much more vibrant. 

-stay away from any and all negativity. I know I’ve said this so many times before, but you DO NOT need any of it in your life. Those people and or things are a drag. Stay around people who make you laugh and you enjoy to be around. Nothing is more fun in life than being around great people who love to have just as much fun as you do. 

Always remember to live everyday like its your last, and try new things all the time. It makes you more youthful at heart!