2016 wellness trends on the rise. 

Hi ladies!

I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been amazing. I’m loving all the great health products coming out,and it’s always great to see what’s in store in the coming months to keep ourselves healthier than ever.

Optimal health is so important, and as we keep our bodies moving, and feeding our bodies with good wholesome food, it in return makes us feel better on the inside as well as the outside. I’m loving all the great wellness trends moving along this year, and it’s not about getting skinny, or  heading to the newest , hottest class! It’s about wellness all around , and getting our bodies in the best shape , and our health in the best shape, so we can feel better as we age. These are some great trends I think will grow even bigger this year.

• Everyday Active wear. We do not wear our workout clothes just to our morning workout classes any more. Now more than ever, top workout gear companies are coming out with the most comfortable clothes that actually make an outfit. You can go from the gym to shopping or even work, with the outfits they are making. I’m loving the neutral cardigans that can be worn to yoga , then topped over a tank with some nice pants. It’s becoming all about convienence and comfortability. I know I love hanging in my yoga pants on a casual day. What about you? 

•superfoods lattes- superfoods are in the health news everyday, and it seems they add more to the list every year. I’m loving the fact that you can take matcha powder, tumeric powder and boil into your very own latte. I’m thinking cacao lattes are next ? A tinge of chocolate would be great. 

 •diets are old news- diets to me don’t exist this year. It’s about eating clean and healthy, which isn’t a diet , but a lifestyle choice. Your seeing juicing becoming very popular( a great way of getting your superfoods). It’s becoming huge to make your own salads using top organic vegetables. Diets don’t exist to me. Healthy lifestyles do. 

 •online workouts- I know many people who are busy, and with travel on top of that , many people do not have the time to make it to a workout everyday. Sometimes it can get quite boring , and monotonous. Your seeing more online workouts to freely do on your smart tv, or even download onto your computer so you can hit that workout on the road, or even in a hotel room. I think by the end of the year we will see even more great options available. Trends are wonderful , and some of them can honestly change your way of living in a lot of ways. 


Kylie Jenner lipsticks rock! 

One item that I’m total addicted to is lipstick. It seems that no matter how many I have, I’m always wanting to try more. Well the newest and greatest item out now is the kylie jenner lip kits , which by the way are remarkable. The color you see in the tube , is the exact same color that will end up on your lips, and the variety of colors are gorgeous. My favorite one is ultimately True Brown K, due to the fact I have darker features, which work better with my skin tone. That’s the great thing..any skin tone goes great with these colors.

I’m not sure if you have seen the colors, but she has them on most of the time , with photos featured on her app, as well as Instagram. They have a great texture when applied, and last a long time . You can purchase these beautiful lipstick kits at http://www.kyliecosmetics.com, and they can be purchased for 29.00 a piece which to me is a bargain. Check out the gorgeous colors  . The packaging is the icing on the cake with a picture of her lips on the front. The colors are true to color. They are absolutely stunning.