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Eight great ways to detox your body

We are approaching the season where many people want to feel healthier coming off of a cold winter, and that means detoxing for the season, and getting your body to a more optimal level. Many of us have experienced the common cold, or even the flu for that matter, and there is no better time to start off this spring with a good detox . 

There are many food detoxes out there, and in a later post, I will address some of my favorites, but there are many ways we can detox our body by just making some daily changes in our living. 

switch up one meal a day with a smoothie. This smoothie should be loaded with greens, and vegetables, with an add in of parsley or basil. This will re charge your body , while adding in a variety of greens you do not normally get. I know your thinking that drinking a green juice doesn’t sound fun, but there are ways to add a tinge of citrus to them. 

  -eat more fiber daily. Add in a pice of fruit such as an apple a day. Apples are loaded with fiber, or add in some organic oatmeal . Steer clear of the packaged oatmeal, as they are loaded with sugar. 

-grab a massage- this will start breaking up the toxins in your body. Massage does so much for your body. I know you look at it as an extra expense, but it really does a body good.  

 -drink atleast a gallon of water a day. Water is lost all day in our bodies. Whether through exercise, sweat, ect. We need to be replacing our water intake every day. Drinking all day keeps our hydration up. 

-eat organic- I can’t tell you how different eating organic can change your body. You are saving yourself all of the preservatives that are sprayed on those fruits. 

-switch up your morning coffee with green tea. Green tea has so much more antioxidants in it, and it really helps boost your metabolism. 

-start sweating each morning. Go to a workout that will make you break a sweat, and sweat those toxins out. A good workout never gets old. 

-try getting a good amount of sleep every night. Try doing some things each night to ensure you get a good nights sleep. Stay away from alcohol close to bed time, or don’t eat or drink anything with caffeine in it. 

These will ensure that you will start the cleansing and detox process for your body. It’s all about the lifestyle. 

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